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Sven Biscop contributed the country chapter Belgium in Strategic cultures in Europe

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European countries work together in crisis management, conflict prevention and many other aspects of security and defence policy. Closer cooperation in this policy arena seems to be the only viable way forward to address contemporary security challenges. Yet, despite the repeated interaction, fundamental assumptions about security and defence remain remarkably distinct across European nations. This book offers a comparative analysis of the security and defence policies of all 27 EU member states and Turkey, drawing on the concept of ‘strategic culture’, in order to examine the chances and obstacles for closer security and defence cooperation across the continent. Along the lines of a consistent analytical framework, international experts provide case studies of the current security and defence policies in Europe as well as their historical and cultural roots.

in Heiko Biehl, Bastian Giegerich & Alexandra Jonas (eds.), Strategic Cultures in Europe, 2013, analysing the strategic culture of all EU Member States and Turkey.
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