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Vol. LXII, Issue 3 (2009): Military crisis management: The challenge of inter-organizationalism

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Introduction, Joachim A. Koops
– Inter-organizationalism in theory and practice, Rafael Biermann
– More than wishful thinking? The EU, UN, NATO and the comprehensive approach to military crisis management, Claudia Major and Christian Mölling
– NATO-UN cooperation revisited: a new dawn?, Michael F. Harsch and Johannes Varwick
– European military crisis management, Bastian Giegerich
– UN-EU relations in military crisis management: institutionalisation and key constraints, Thierry Tardy
– The case of the missing battlegroups: is EU-UN military cooperation in decline?, Richard Gowan
– Unloving brothers: the African Union and the regional economic communities, Rodrigo Tavares
– EU-AU cooperation in capacity-building, Benedikt Franke
– EU-AU cooperation in military crisis management and capacity-building: a view from practice, Koen Vervaeke
– Effective inter-organizationalism? Lessons learned from the Standby High Readiness Brigade for United Nations operations (SHIRBRIG), Joachim A. Koops
– SHIRBRIG’s support to the African Standby Force: a view from practice, Christof Tatschl