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Vol. LXII, Issue 4 (2009): The external dimension of the EU Sustainable development strategy – Proceedings of the conference held in Brussels on 28 January 2009

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?Theme 1 : The link between climate change, finance for sustainable development and human and environmental security in developing countries and the adequacy of EU assistance to developing countries
– Financial support to developing countries for climate change mitigation and adaptation: Is The European Union meeting its earlier Commitments?, Marc Pallemaerts and Jonathan Armstrong
– Assessing The adequacy of Eu assistance for adaptation to climate change in developing countries: A southern perspective, Jessica Ayers, Saleemul Huq, And Achala Chandani
– Framing The « Migration and climate change » nexus (M&CC), Romeo E. Matsas

?Theme 2 : The impacts of EU policies for the development and the use of biofuels on sustainable development in developing countries
– The impacts of EU policies for the development and use of Biofuels on sustainable development in developing countries, Joana Chiavari and Sirini Withana
– Potential impacts of Eu biofuels policies on sustainable development in Southern Africa, Helen Watson

?Theme 3 : The impact of the Common Fisheries Policy on marine resources and sustainable livelihoods in developing countries
– Fisheries Partnership Agreements under the European Common Fisheries Policy. An external dimension of sustainable development?, Koen Van den Bossche and Dr. Nienke van der Burgt
– The bilateral agreements between the European Union and Mauritania on fisheries, Dr Ahmed Mahmoud Cherif

?Theme 4 : The EU’s use of natural resources and its impact on developing countries: the action plan on sustainable consumption and production and the proposed regulation of imports of illegally harvested timber
– The role of sustainable consumption and production policy In The EU’s pursuit of the external dimension of sustainable development, Camilla Adelle and Kristof Geeraerts
– The implementation of The EU’s Voluntary partnership agreement initiative to combat illegal logging: reflections from the supply side, Chris Beeko and Camilla Adelle