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Vol. LXVII, Issue 4 (2014): Various shades of federalism: Which responses to the rise of populism and euroscepticism?

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  • British euroscepticism and British exceptionalism. The forty-year “Neverendum” on the relationship with Europe by Andrew Glencross
  • Historical “Monetary Unions” . Lessons for the current Eurozone crisis?  by John Ryan and John Loughlin
  • Federative dynamics in the EU under the influence of EU citizenship rights in time of crisis by Alessandra Silveira and Isabel Camisao
  • Demos-cracy for the European Union. Why and how by Philippe Van Parijs
  • A federalist rescue of sovereignty as a response to populism and euroscepticism by Sophie Heine
  • Why federal union is necessary. How it should be done and when  by Andrew Duff

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