Vasilis Margaras

Associate Fellow

EU Cohesion Policy, Blue Economy, EU macro-regional strategies


Vasilis Margaras is an Associate Fellow in the European Affairs programme at the Egmont Institute and a Policy Analyst at the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), where he specialises in EU Cohesion Policy and regional/local development issues. He holds a PhD from Loughborough University, UK on International Relations. He has worked as a Lecturer in European Studies (University of Wolverhampton, Loughborough University, UK) and cooperated with a number of think tanks on various projects (CEPS, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo). Before joining EPRS, Vasilis was a Parliamentary Assistant for a number of Members of the European Parliament. He has also served as a Regional Councillor for the region of the South Aegean in Greece.

He has published briefings and articles on local and regional development issues, EU Cohesion Policy, tourism, blue growth, digitalisation, urban and rural issues, demography, culture, EU macro-regional strategies, islands and sparsely populated areas.