Florian Cortez

Joint Research Fellow


Artificial Intelligence, green and digital transition, EU digital policy, governance of emerging technologies, geopolitics, transatlantic relations, deep tech policy, Generative AI, sustainability, AI ethics, responsible innovation


Dr. Florian Cortez is Joint Research Fellow at the Egmont Institute and the European Policy Centre. Previously, Florian has worked in policy advisory, project management, and academic roles where he developed and led the implementation of innovative solutions to address the complex challenges of climate change and artificial intelligence. He specializes in the governance of emerging technologies and the analysis of their potential impacts. He also serves as an Inclusive Policy Lab Expert at UNESCO, where he contributes to the global dialogue and action on inclusive and sustainable development. With over 10 years of work experience in the fields of economics, policy, and research, he collaborated with renowned institutions, and he co-authored policy reports on AI governance and the sustainability dimension of digitalization. His work was also published in academic journals, and his recent publications include his book “The Political Economy of International Agreements” by Springer, in which he applies quantitative methodology to analyze patterns of international treaty ratification. Florian previously worked within interdisciplinary and international teams and advised organizations and high-level public officers in different regions of the world.Florian holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Hamburg and he was a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley and Columbia University, funded by the German Research Association (DFG). He completed the Climate Change Policy Program at Harvard Kennedy School. He obtained a MA in International Development Studies from the Philipps University of Marburg and BA in Political Science & Public Policy from the University of Konstanz.  His areas of expertise include strategic policy development, stakeholder engagement, and policy analysis and evaluation. He is dedicated to leveraging his skills and knowledge to create positive impact for people and the planet.