Francesca Colli

Research Fellow

+32 (0)2 213 70 12

EU environmental and climate policy, EU trade policy, the role of interest groups in policymaking


Francesca Colli is a Research Fellow in the European Affairs programme at the Egmont Institute for International Relations and a final-stage PhD researcher at the Leuven Institute for International and European Studies (LINES), KU Leuven. Originally from Australia, she holds an MA in European Studies from KU Leuven and a BA in International Studies from Macquarie University, Sydney. She is a former visiting scholar at the Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) in Florence.

Her research interests include the role and lobbying activities of interest groups and social movements on national and EU policy; environmental politics and climate change; and trade policy. Her research has been published in international academic journals such as Regulation & Governance, Social Movement Studies and the Journal of European Integration.